Can You Really Wrap Your Way To Weight Loss?

About Slimming Wraps

Slimming Wraps claim to give you a fit, trimmed, and toned body in every area, helping you to burn over 1200 calories in one 50 minute session, reduce cellulite, improve blood circulation, relieve pain and muscle stiffness, and eliminate acne and psoriasis in all one. In short, it is mainly meant to promote weight loss, but has various other additional benefits.

How Do Slimming Wraps Work?

Slimming Wraps are essentially applied by a licensed therapist. They wrap you up for a total of 60-65 minutes, and they present it as a therapeutic getaway and a day in the spa. They can apply silicone bandages wrapped around the thighs, hips, abdomen, and arms. Then they turn on the heat to certain areas, and they find that the calves can also be wrapped. It is essentially like a sauna that is concentrated in certain areas of the body. However, many have found that it doesn’t actually work to promote weight loss, and while it may tighten the skin to some degree and relieve muscle tension with the heat, it is not actually burning fat or promoting weight loss, let alone long term results.